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About Cérémonie Tea

Cérémonie Tea lies at the modern crossroads of the ancient spice route.

We travel the globe to collect our tea ingredients: whole tea leaves from the finest tea gardens, along with spices, herbs, and flowers, which combine together to create our classic tea and herbal flavors.


We return to the Galilee, having gained friendship, understanding and hospitality from leaf and spice farmers and tea experts around the globe, and blend the best flavors and aromas of the East and West to share with you.


No other beverage is as tied to ritual as tea. At Cérémonie, we honor those rituals and the cérémonies of the past with our modern interpretation of the traditional tea culture. Established in 2003, Cérémonie has redefined the Israeli tea market by introducing whole leaf teas, wrapped in eye-catching designs. Cérémonie is now expanding worldwide to enable customers around the globe to enjoy our gourmet tea experience.

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Ceremonie Tea Mini Cubes Lemongrass & Verbena
Lake Awassa Ethiopia Efrat and Elli

Kosher Parve under the Supervision of the Rabbinate of Migdal HaEmek

Our Company

Cérémonie is a small, family-owned company and creating great tea is our one and only passion.  We have brought together our close-knit team of tea professionals from around the world and together we focus our energies on producing the best tea.


Our Products

Cérémonie Tea provides tea solutions for retail, gift, and food service businesses of all types. We offer a range of products including our Signature Mini Cubes, pyramid tea bags and loose tea blends.

What is unique about our mini cubes is our return to the ritual of serving tea. The mini cube is our modern interpretation of the traditional ceremonies of ancient cultures, innovative in our style of serving but classic and timeless in our taste.

Our Story

Efrat and Elli Schorr decided to discover the world, one cup of tea at a time. After sharing 20 years of marriage and 5 children, these childhood sweethearts decided to look for their next adventure together.

At Cérémonie Tea, they love developing friendships with tea and herb growers from around the world, enjoying the development of mutual understanding and respect across cultures and continents. 


Originally from Washington, DC, husband-and-wife team, Efrat and Elli bring their American style of customer service and entrepreneurial spirit to the traditional world of tea. Together with their international team of tea professionals, they are committed to making the world a better place, one cup of tea at a time.


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